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Tutor Mr. Vijay, 3-4 yrs,
B.com (P), B.ED
Subject(s)   Maths, Account
Class(es)   IX X XI XII
Tutor Mr. Rohit, 3-4 yrs,
B.SC (DU), P.H.D
Subject(s)   Physics
Class(es)   IX X XI XII
Tutor Mr. Puneet , 4-5 yrs,
M. Tech
Subject(s)   Electronics
Class(es)   B. Tech
Tutor Mr. Shivam, 7-8 yrs,
M. Sc. (Phy)
Subject(s)   Physics
Class(es)   IIT PMT XI XII
Tutor Mr. Sanjay, 2-3 yrs,
PHD (Chem)
Subject(s)   Chem
Class(es)   IIT PMT XI XII
Tutor Mr. Jai, 1-2 yrs,
IIT (Delhi)
Subject(s)   Science
Class(es)   IIT
Tutor Mr. Vikas , 3-4 yrs,
Subject(s)   Accounts
Class(es)   XI XII
Tutor Mr. Nitin, 7 yrs,
B. A. (Eco)
Subject(s)   Eco
Class(es)   XI XII
Tutor Mr. Yashveer, 9 yrs,
M. Sc.(DU)
Subject(s)   Chem
Class(es)   B. Sc.
Tutor Mr. Varun, 3-4 yrs,
Subject(s)   Business
Class(es)   BBA
Tutor Mr. Ajay, 3-4 yrs,
B. Tech.
Subject(s)   Science
Class(es)   XI XII
Tutor Mr. Yasvant, 8-9 yrs,
M.tech, PHD
Subject(s)   Science
Class(es)   B.tech, IIT
I was amazed to find out the services offered here and was very eager to join.
My requirement has been fulfilled.the services provided was very good.
Your services is quite good. it helped me lot for last 3 years for getting many students and now i got a full time job.
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